20 hours live lessons per week, Monday through Friday

Improve your Italian with a qualified teacher, in a virtual classroom and with international students. 

Beginner level starting dates:
● 18th January ● 15th February ● 15th March ● 29th March ● 19th April ● 03rd May ● 17th May ● 07th June ● 21st June ● 05th July ● 19h July ● 02nd August ● 23th August ● 06th September ● 20th September ● 05th October ● 18th October

Intermediate level
starting date: any Monday

Advanced level
starting date: any Monday

If you think you are at an intermediate or advanced level, ask for a placement test. It’s free!
After the placement test, you can participate in a sixty (60) minute virtual class for free in order to observe our classes and how they are organized to maximize Italian language learning.


1 week: 1 CFU (ECTS)
2 weeks: 2 CFU (ECTS)
3 weeks: 3 CFU (ECTS)
4 weeks: 4 CFU (ECTS) / 3 Nuemann Universty credits (at appropriate level)

1 week 290 Euro
2 weeks 440 Euro
3 weeks 610 Euro
4 weeks 760 Euro

The prices are valid until 31/12/2020 and include:
– entrance test
– course lessons (55 minutes hours)
– 18 hours weekly of live lessons 
– 2 hours of live pronunciation lessons each week
– 10 hours weekly of interactive self-study activities
– course books (ebooks and access to moodle)
– virtual tours of Assisi and other Umbrian towns
– virtual tours of Rome and Florence
– certificate of attendance
– certificate of evaluation
– CILS , PLIDA and ROMA TRE exams training


To receive more detailed info please contact [email protected]. Thank you! 

– You can book your first lesson directly by filling out our online form, we will contact you asap (within 1 working day).
– Your program starts after receiving your enrolment confirmation.
– All our timetables refer to the Italian clock GMT +1 (Greenwich Mean Time + 1 hour). 
– Please be ready by your computer or by your phone at least five minutes prior to the beginning  of your lesson.  


Let’s talk about
your course!


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