Welcome to the Accademia!

The Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi was founded by Angelo Chiuchiù in 1993. The centre is open all year round to receive students, scholars and professionals from all over the world.
Universities, as well as numerous bodies and companies have entrusted the study and development of the Italian language in Italy to the courses held at the Accademia.

The teachers use the multimedia method In Italiano and In italiano. Il corso of which Angelo Chiuchiù is co-author. All the Academy’s teachers have a university education and have received teacher training at the Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi. The Academy’s staff, coordinated by Gaia Chiuchiù and Angelo Chiuchiù, worked on the outline of Italian  language and culture handbooks and e-books.

Since 1997 Gaia has been director and coordinator of the English courses and since 2000 Lorenzo Chiuchiù has directed and coordinated the creative writing courses.

Since 2000 all the Academy’s courses have been under the patronage of the Regional Council of Umbria and Council of Assisi. In 2002 the Academy was recognized by the Ministry of Education and since 2008 has a partnership agreement with University of the Pacific, Elon University and Neumann University.

  • Summer programs University of the Pacific.
  • Partnership with Neumann University.
  • Under the high patronage of Assisi town council and Umbria Regional council.
  • Assisi is considered by UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Italian language courses officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education





  • University centre of CILS/PLIDA/ROMA TRE/BRITISH CONCIL IELTS exams, Carta del docente.

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The location of Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi is situated in the historic heart of the town centre, at 10 via Tiberio d’Assisi, a short distance from Piazza del Comune and in the vicinity of the Basilica of St. Francis and the Church of Santa Chiara. This 14th century  former residence was renovated in 2006 by the architect Michele Bilancia. Architectural changes have been made in order to enhance the functional properties of the space. The classrooms and offices are accessible from a medieval courtyard. All the classrooms have air conditioning. The second floor balcony boasts a panoramic view of the entire town and the Umbrian valley.


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