We use a communicative and holistic method, a student-centred approach makes students progress quickly and with a clear understanding of the intermediate learning steps. In addition to the coursebooks, we offer authentic material. Our courses are designed to give an introduction to Italian culture through literary texts, newspapers, films, works of art, songs, culinary traditions, all designed to give you a taste of Italian language and culture.  From the first day on, at all levels, only Italian will be spoken!

Text books, ebooks and access to Moodle are provided by the school and are included in the tuition fee.


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In Italiano

In Italiano is a complete course for beginners and false beginners from 14 upwards, being especially suitable for those starting a second or third language. The authors have adopted a fully communicative approach, but have applied a clear structure, and a notably successful treatment of grammar, giving the student the means for immediate, authentic communication, but also a solid foundation on which to build. Level 1 (units 1-12) covers such areas as personal identification, asking and giving permission, using the telephone, and the past, future and conditional tenses. Level 2 (units 13-24) introduces more advanced language, while retaining the communicative methodology. Each chapter throughout the course includes a section of cultural background.

In italiano. Il corso

The first volume of In italiano. Il corso offers didactic material for 100-120 hours long lessons and individual study activities, and covers A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The volume is articulated in 7 chapters and each one is composed by two or more forms of 60-90 minutes lessons. Each form develops and consolidates the communicative, grammatical, lexical and cultural elements needed to communicate efficiently in day-to-day life situations. Each path offers an introductory text, comprehension activities, oral exercises, exhaustive grammatical summaries, filling exercises regarding the micro functions, numerous listening and review activities.
The chapter is completed by guided writing activities, subdivided in macro functions (to describe/to narrate), cultural elements and some mock exams on the A1 and A2 levels.
In the text is it possible to find some suggestions about further useful activities contained in the volume written by Angelo and Gaia Chiuchiù Comunicare in italiano (Hoepli 2015).
Online Resources with:

  • Transcription of the audio tracks whose text are not contained in the volume;
  • Exercises keys;
  • Translation of the tasks in different languages in the first and the second chapter;
  • A teacher’s book containing the description of the didactic paths;
  • A class register downloadable in a PDF form, easy to fill in and to share with the colleagues.

On the website several fee-paying additional materials (didactic, deepening and complementary) linked to the course, constantly enriched and updated, are available.


Comunicare in italiano

Comunicare in italiano

è una grammatica di riferimento per studenti stranieri, che affronta in maniera graduale, accurata e concreta la lingua italiana nei suoi diversi componenti grammaticali, lessicali e nozionale-funzionali.
Il volume è articolato in 21 capitoli e ogni capitolo è dedicato alla presentazione di un argomento grammaticale secondo il principio della generatività, con elementi lessicali raccolti secondo i criteri della concretezza e della frequenza d'uso, ed elementi nozionalefunzionali introdotti secondo l'indice di frequenza. Dopo la presentazione di base (livelli A1-B1 del Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento per le Lingue), nella sezione Approfondimenti (livelli B2-C1) l'argomento viene sviluppato nella sua interezza.
Completano il testo numerosi esercizi per mettere alla prova le conoscenze acquisite (con soluzioni in fondo al volume) e utili esercitazioni di fonetica (con 2 CD-Audio) dedicate alla pronuncia dei suoni generalmente più difficili da riconoscere e da riprodurre.
Estratto (PDF)



Italy to go is a course that, through the application of new technologies, offers an innovative method to learn to speak Italian and to keep on doing so in an effective way. In this ebooks, you will find videos, audios, explanations, review activities, grammar and pronunciation exercises, just like in an actual language lab.


Yidali è un corso per cinesi che utilizza le nuove tecnologie per insegnare in modo innovativo a parlare l’italiano e continuare a usarlo in modo efficace. Video, audio, spiegazioni, attività di revisione, esercizi di pronuncia e grammatica sono tutti fruibili direttamente all’interno dell’ebook come in un vero e proprio laboratorio linguistico.

译”大利》是专门迎合中国人而编写的意大利语教材,用创新的传授方式,使学生更有效的学习意大利语和使用意大利语。 本教材配备视频,音频,解释,活动校对,语音与语法练习,这些可以让学生们更直接的感受到书中所蕴含的知识,就像自己置身于一所真正而特有的语言实验室内。

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Viva l'Italiano (for children)

A colourful, lively course in four levels for 5 or 6 year-old beginners. Firmly centred on the child's own world and his/her own interests, "Viva l'italiano" offers a wide range of activities: colouring in, cutting out, writing, drawing, story-telling, etc. In the third and fourth levels, which would be best suited to 8 to 11 year-olds, more emphasis is placed on the written word, with texts, poetry, songs and fairy tales. Free on line video course.

Arte e Metodo

Arte e metodo is a series of texts dedicated to the teaching and learning of Italian. Each text focuses on one specific aspect of the language in the context of a more general linguistic competence. The title of this series reflects the authors' opinion that teaching and learning a language is a science, whilst writing and speaking it is often an art.