In italiano. Il corso

IN ITALIANO. IL CORSO. VOLUME 1 The first volume of In italiano. Il corso offers didactic material for 100-120 hours long lessons and individual study activities, and covers A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The volume is articulated in 7 chapters and each one is composed by two or more forms of 60-90 minutes lessons. Each form develops and consolidates the communicative, grammatical, lexical and cultural elements needed to communicate efficiently in day-to-day life situations.
Each path offers an introductory text, comprehension activities, oral exercises, exhaustive grammatical summaries, filling exercises regarding the micro functions, numerous listening and review activities.
The chapter is completed by guided writing activities, subdivided in macro functions (to describe/to narrate), cultural elements and some mock exams on the A1 and A2 levels.

In the text is it possible to find some suggestions about further useful activities contained in the volume written by Angelo and Gaia Chiuchiù Comunicare in italiano (Hoepli 2015).

Didactic articulation

  • Student’s book subdivided in 7 chapters containing: grammar and lexicon; a section of activities; writing paths; culture papers.
  • CD-mp3 (attached to the student’s book) containing audio tracks dedicated to class activities.
  • eBook+ (linked to the student’s book) with:
    audio tracks dedicated to the class activities contained in the volume;
    introductory videos presenting communicative situations set in different contexts;
    downloadable deepening files: photo gallery with exercises; further review exercises; Il mio portfolio where is it possible to transcribe and store up the texts; Cultura e Culture, to note down the characteristics of different cultures.

Online Resources with:

  • Transcription of the audio tracks whose text are not contained in the volume;
  • Exercises keys;
  • Translation of the tasks in different languages in the first and the second chapter;
  • A teacher’s book containing the description of the didactic paths;
  • A class register downloadable in a PDF form, easy to fill in and to share with the colleagues.

On the website several fee-paying additional materials (didactic, deepening and complementary) linked to the course, constantly enriched and updated, are available.


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