Italian language and literature


60 hours, 2 weeks + textbooks + social program/facilities  

The course is organized as follows: 4 hours (Monday/Friday – 9/13, standard course) of lessons in the morning followed by 2 hours of one-to-one focused on literature. The afternoon lessons are set aside for improving the student’s language proficiency with emphasis on conversation, fluency and writing skills. The course puts together the advantages of group work and individual work. It is particularly suitable for students who wish to learn Italian through  literature. In the one-to-one lessons students are welcome to select the authors they prefer and work on the specific topics needed for their academic or professional purposes.

textbooks included

In addition to the Italiano in. Il corso method and authentic literary texts, also included are textbooks developed with two aims: to improve student’s understanding of literary texts and to help them to appreciate their stylistic value:
– Incontri (sample pdf)

Fees and calendar


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