Italy to go is a course (A1-A2) that, through the application of new technologies, offers to English speakers an innovative method to learn to speak Italian and to keep on doing so in an effective way. In this ebook, you will find videos, audios, explanations, review activities, grammar and pronunciation exercises, just like in an actual language lab. The course is divided into seven ebooks. Italy to go 2, consists of three sections and aims to gradually enrich the vocabulary presented in Italy to go 1. It teaches how to use in context the 360 most frequently used words of the Italian language; the verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have); the most common articles and phrases. It also helps to understand some typical Italian social and cultural features that, if speakers are not aware of, may hinder communication. To facilitate memorization of the lessons, each section offers many review activities at communication and grammar level, starting from the situation shown on video, together with many notes in English, the translation of the dialogues and the solutions to all exercises. The ebook is in a format compatible with all tablets, computers and smartphones with a specific application installed. Apple users can use iBooks (free); Windows users can use Adobe Digital Editions (free on the Adobe site); while Android users can download the free app Gitden Reader from Google Play, which supports audios and videos; finally, Kindle users need an Internet connection.

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