We always suggest to study a language and its culture. In June we propose an Italian language course and a quick journey in the history of art:

1) Ancient Roman art
2) Middle Ages, Romanesque, Giotto and Simone Martini
3) Humanism and Renaissance
4) From Caravaggio to Baroque
5) Canova and Neoclassicism; Twentieth-century art

The program includes:

– 80 lessons of Italian language and culture course
– 14 lessons of history of art
6 pronunciation classes
– guided tour in Assisi
– book binding tour
– guided tour at the Basilica of St. Francis
– guided tour of the Fondo Antico (archives of the Sacro Convento)
– tickets (bus or train) to Firenze
– tickets (bus or train) to Roma
– lesson/concert of history of music
– free wi-fi
– course books
– certificate of attendance
– certificate of evaluation

Please ask for quotation and availability. Thank you!

[email protected]
+ 39 075 815 281
via Tiberio d’Assisi, 10
06081 Assisi


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