Lorenzo Chiuchiù

graduated in Aesthetics at the University of Florence under the supervision of Anna Giannatiempo Quinzio and Sergio Givone. He received a Ph.D in Philosophy and Sciences of the Text at the University of Siena. He published essays on Hrabal, Hoffmann, Camus, Char, Baudelaire, Hölderlin, Nietzsche, Bloch, De Angelis, Quinzio. He is a member of the editing committee of the review Davar. He edited into Italian Métaphysique chrétienne et Néoplatonisme (Gallimard) and La dévotion à la Croix (Gallimard) by Albert Camus. He edited and translated into Italian Mallarmé, la lucidité et sa face d’ombre by Jean-Paul Sartre (Gallimard). He published two books of poetry: Iride incendio (La Vita Felice) and Sorteggio (Marietti 1820).



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